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Burge has a 3 year warranty on workmanship.

Burge has a 1 year warranty on materials.

Burge sets all posts in concrete footings. Burge uses
5/16" x 3" anchor bolts for attaching residential railings to concrete stoops and steps.

Burge wrought iron fencing is built according to your needs and custom built by experienced craftsmen.

All pickets are double welded to top and bottom channels, all welded joints are double painted.

Burge uses heavy duty hinges and lockable latches. Also available are locking dead bolts, locking brass knobs and automatic gate closures.

Paint Protection: Burge uses an industrial grade red oxide primer and a top coat of gloss black oil enamel paint. The standard color is black, other colors are available at additional cost. Powder coat paint is also available at additional cost.