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To protect the natural beauty of your cedar fence or deck, Burge Fence offers a specially designed stain and sealer

All chart colors are shown on Spruce. Wood type, age, color, texture, grain and condition may change the final results. Test product on a small sample of the wood you are going to finish before proceeding. For more color choices, view on wooddefender.com
All unprotected wood exposed to exterior weathering is susceptible to erosion and biological attack. Sunlight
breaks down new wood so that its natural color turns various shades of gray and eventually a grayish black. Left unprotected, new wood absorbs water which gives the wood a spongy texture and eventually leads to mold, mildew and dry rot. To prevent this, your wood needs to be sealed.

Several products are water or paraffin based and seals the outside of the wood, which wears off within a year. The protection and preservation process Burge Fence offers is oil based and penetrates deep into the wood, sealing it from the inside out, while still allowing it to breathe. This prevents wood rot by eliminating mold and mildew while the UV absorber protects against sunlight. The stain additive, which is offered in several different colors, keeps your fence and deck looking beautiful for years to come. If you want your fence to have the weathered gray look, our product comes in a clear coat without the stain color. Burge Fence also offers power washing and cleaning services for your existing fence or deck.

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