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We recommend using red cedar posts with picture frame fences instead of ACQ. ACQ treated posts are made from yellow pine. Any treated product made from yellow pine will bow, twist and crack. ACQ posts will last longer in the ground than cedar posts. ACQ posts are fine to use with spaced, solid or board on board picket fences. Burge Fence does not offer a warranty for ACQ treated yellow pine posts for bowing, twisting or cracking.


Red Cedar 2 x 4s are the backing rails that Burge Fence recommends. We avoid using treated rails of any kind because these products will bow, twist and crack.


The pickets are the most visible part of your fence, so we recommend using red cedar for several reasons. Red cedar retains its shape well throughout the life of the fence. It has a beautiful honey color and a textured surface. We do not offer any treated pickets because they bow, twist and crack. As soon as the sun comes in contact with the wood, the honey color will immediately begin to change, eventually turning to a dark gray by the first year. For those who want the red cedar wood to retain its original color, Burge Fence offers protection and preservation products for the entire fence.


Screw shank aluminum nails are the best fastener in the wood fence industry. They hold tight and will not rust. Galvanized nails and staples will rust and weep due to the natural preservative found in red cedar. Aluminum nails will not rust or weep, enhancing the beauty of your fence. This is especially important if you plan to paint or preserve your fence.


Gates are custom built to match each particular style of fence. Other custom designs are also available at additional cost. Burge installs heavy duty hinges and lockable latches. Burge offers automatic gate closures at additional cost.